A Fun Tour of a Library

Sneha D

“Know your library” was the theme of our book club at Prashantnagar. As children sat curiously not knowing why they were asked to maintain complete silence, our book club began with an introduction to a library. Children were asked if they could name some things they can and cannot do in a library.

To give an insight as to how a library works, the book Curious George Visits the Library was read out. This story is about a monkey named George, who is lucky to arrive at the library just in time for story hour. But it’s not easy for the little monkey to sit still for too long and he just has to get his hands on that one dinosaur book. George quickly finds so many books he wants to read and fills his library cart with them. He can’t wait to take them home and is in a hurry. He finds himself in trouble when he topples his cart and all the books are on the floor. With help from friends and the librarians, he is able to clean up his mess. George later selects his books and gets his very own library card.

The book reading was followed by the reading of the Library Poem by Julia Donaldson. The children were then introduced to ten words related to a library and were asked to find which picture on the board related to each word. This was followed by a discussion on the benefits of a library after which, each child had to come up and talk about their favourite book and why they liked it. At the end, book marks were given to the children and the importance of maintaining and treating books well was discussed. Overall, the book club revealed the excitement of visiting a library and sharing books.

(Sneha is a special educator at PRAYATNA)

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