Crocodile Smiles

Ann Sarah Paul

Leading a healthy life is integral to the holistic development of children. With this in mind and to introduce the concept of a “healthy lifestyle”, the book Crocodile Smiles, was read to the children on 11 November, 2017 at PRAYATNA, Prashantnagar. This story is about a crocodile who was popular with nature photographers for his lovely set of teeth and good physique. On once such assignment, he is given a truckload of chocolate as a reward. Elated, he eats chocolate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even between. Despite his friends’ counsel to think about the consequences of eating so much chocolate, he continues and finds that his teeth, health, physique and eventually his fame get affected.

The book club began with a narration of the story, followed by a quiz based on it. Later, the children were shown random pictures, which had to be categorised as either ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’. The children were then divided into two groups and asked to enact scenarios exhibiting healthy and unhealthy eating habits. At the end, the children went home with fruits that were given to them and the value of leading and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

(The author is a Special Educator at PRAYATNA.)

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