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Scholarships with March 2015 deadlines

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What’s An Investigation Paper Format

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Bee communities, no are not declining

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In the Deep

In the Deep
Supriya Raja
Imagine going deep into the sea and encountering various sea creatures. Well; the October took kids scuba diving into the depths of the ocean. Wish for a Fish by Bonnie Worth brings alive the wonders of the deep sea with fascinating illustrations and a catchy book in verse form.
Children and teachers came dressed in blue, the colour of ocean. Layers of the ocean, ‘sunny zone’, ‘twilight zone’, ‘dark zone’ ‘abyss’ and ‘trench’ were revealed as children undertook their voyage through the sea. Children were intrigued to meet sea creatures in the various zones.
Each kid then spoke on which sea creature they would want to be and why. The board was divided into various zones of the sea. Kids enjoyed matching pictures of the sea animals to the different zones. The session came to an end with kids drawing an octopus.

(Supriya Raja is a Special Educator at PRAYATNA.)

Birthday Bashes

Birthday Bashes
Crystal Nikita S J.

Wisha, wisha, wisha! In the month of August we found ourselves magically foraying into the land of birthdays. As a child, one couldn’t have missed reading the famous “The Magic Faraway Tree” series by Enid Blyton. She uses her spell to captivate young minds and their imagination meander beyond reality, into the realm of magic. In the chapter, “The Land of Birthdays” she astoundingly, captures the wants and desires of a young girl, named Beth, who celebrates her birthday in the enchanted woods. How she enticingly spends the rest of her special daywith the stupendous characters in the woods forms the crux of this chapter.
The children were at their best spirits during this book reading and they dazzled in their party clothes. The excitement was witnessed during the first activity, where they had to correctly identify their birthdays clipped on the birthday chart. They were thrilled, both to identify their birthday and to pin their name against it on the chart. The second activity was quite different; the children were divided into three teams and were given three unusual scenarios of celebrating birthdays. The first team was given the scenario of being stuck in a village, the second team of flying outstation on an airplane and the third team of being sick on your birthday. The children were at their creative best and demonstrated with zeal how they would celebrate their birthday in such scenarios. As it incidentally happened to be a student’s birthday, we cut a birthday cake and sang the birthday song for her. Each child had a share of the sumptuous cake and was upbeat to share about the one thing that they really wished for their birthday. And finally, the birthday buzz came to an end with many a heart merry
(Crystal Nikita is a special educator at PRAYATNA.)

Shake up your study habits

Shake Up Your Study Habits
Aruna Sankaranarayanan

(First published in Education Plus, THE HINDU, 28 Sept 15)

Navya is stymied when she sees her exam results. Tears bubble up as she stares at her marks sheet. As her friends cheerfully post their marks on Facebook and Whatsapp, Navya’s hurt only intensifies. Even peers, whom she had helped on homework assignments and projects, have done better than her. Given the fact that she worked really hard this semester and had toiled before the exams, her results do not seem justified to her. Navya was sure she understood concepts as well as, or perhaps better than some of her friends. Yet, they had all performed more impressively. What could Navya have done differently for a more favourable outcome on the exam?

Performing well on exams is not just a function of how much you study but also how you study. Simply clocking up your study hours is not necessarily going to result in a desirable outcome. In his book, How We Learn, author Benedict Carey surveys the psychological literature to provide tips and strategies that have been scientifically studied.

Even if you have understood your concepts well, doing an exam requires committing information to memory. Be it facts, definitions, formulae or specialized vocabulary, you need to remember information to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding. One strategy to promote optimal recall is to space out your studying. Instead of studying and reviewing your Chemistry lessons for three hours at a stretch, you may do three one-hour sessions on different days, where you study the content on one day and then review it a day later and then possibly after a week. While the total time you spend studying Chemistry will be the same, your ability to recall information will be better if you space your sessions apart. Of course, for you to spread out your study sessions in such a manner, you have to prepare ahead of time. If you pull an all-nighter and cram just before the exam, you may be able to tackle the test paper the next day; however, it is unlikely you will remember the information a month or a year later. In contrast, spaced learning helps you retain the content better over the long-term. In terms of reaping investment from the time you put into studying, spaced sessions win hands down.

Another factor that may enhance your performance involves the location of where you choose to study. In order to avoid distraction, you may lock yourself in your room. However, Carey cites a study conducted by psychologists which shows that varying the environmental context of your studying can promote your recall of information. So, once in a while, study in the living room when it is not too noisy or crowded. The next time you revise the same material, try studying in the dining room or the balcony or a friend’s house. You may also find that a change of place improves your attention.

When students prepare for exams, they typically tackle chapter by chapter. After finishing a topic, do you test yourself by answering questions based on the chapter you just studied? In a previous article for this column, I had extolled the virtues of self-testing. Not only does testing provide a gauge of your learning, it also deepens your understanding. However, there is a more effective way to test yourself than simply quizzing yourself at the end of a chapter. That technique, called interleaving, by psychologists, involves mixing up questions and problems from different chapters.
In fact, Carey quotes a high school math teacher, Doug Rohrer, who says, “One of the things you see that’s so baffling, when you’re a new teacher, is that kids who do great on unit tests—the weekly, or biweekly reviews—often do terribly on cumulative exams on the same material.” If you are one of those students, then you need to introduce more interleaving into your study routine by asking yourself questions across different chapters.

Many a time, students also spend hours cracking a difficult theorem in Maths or tackling a knotty Physics problem. While it is essential to persist on complex topics, you must also realize that taking a break may actually help you figure out the solution. Often, when tough problems plague us, especially ones that require creative solutions, it might be worthwhile to switch gears and do something else or even simply relax. Be open to the idea that a solution to the problem may strike you at an unlikely moment or when you approach it at a different time.

In order to make up for lost time, students often end up pulling all-nighters right before an exam. They burn the proverbial midnight oil poring over their books, hoping to maximize their performance the next day. However, staying up late can be counterproductive as sleep actually promotes our recall and understanding of information. Studies show that people who sleep between learning and testing do better than those who stay awake. Furthermore, some evidence suggests that even short naps of an hour or so may be beneficial to learning. The next term your eyelids droop as you plod through your Physics textbook, taking a nap may be wiser than forcing yourself to stay awake.

So, go ahead and shake up your study habits. See what works for you, and stick with it.

Neighbourly Feelings

Neighbourly Feelings
Sapna Soman
Surprisingly, most of us have only a passing relationship with the people over the fence! Life is so busy and hectic nowadays that we don’t find time to get to know our neighbours and our neighbourhood. The importance of getting to know your neighbourhood was one of the topics discussed during the book club for the month of July in Banglaore.
The book, Mister Jeejeebhoy and the Birds, by Anita Balachandran is beautifully illustrated. The story revolves around two sisters, Diya and Tara who come to live with their Ninamasi in Dimlivili. Ninamasi is funny and tells them great stories but her house is very strange! There are strange noises in the corridor, talking and yawning photographs, mirrors that flip the images upside down and clocks going backwards! But soon Diya and Tara get used to the spooky house. Unfortunately, none of the other children in the neighbourhood likes to play with the girls as they live in this weird house. But all the children in the neighbourhood love the house next door – Mr. Jeejeebhoy’s sweet shop. Mr Jeejeebhoy is very fond of birds and there are a lot of birds in and around his house.
One fine day Diya noticed Tara’s hair turn into twisty branches and sprout leaves and soon after she discovers that she can fly. A few days later, Mr. Jeejeebhoy’s birds fly away and his shop stays shut indeterminately. The girls use their magical powers to bring back all the birds. Since they helped reopen the sweet shop all the kids in the neighbourhood begin to talk to them and asks the girls to teach them how to fly!
The first fun activity for the kids was to match different landmarks around PRAYATNA on the board which depicted a map of the neighbourhood. Next, the kids were divided into groups to enact two scenarios. The first scenario depicted an emergency situation where the grandfather fell ill and the grandchild had to call for help. The second scenario included a crisis where two kids return home from school and find themselves locked out of their house. The kids were very enthusiastic for both the activities and had a lot of fun!
Finally, the kids had a discussion about how neighbours are different from friends and relatives, and they also discussed their own neighbourhood. As a take away gift they took home some sweets reminding them of Mister Jeejeebhoy’s sweet shop.
(Sapna Soman is a Special Educator at PRAYATNA.)