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PRAYATNA ® will be offering online classes starting 23 March 2020. As most teachers may be working from home, we may not answer the phone. However, if you need to contact us, please email In the subject line, please indicate whether your message is for the B’lore or Chennai branch. Our team will contact you subsequently.
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PRAYATNA® was established in 1998 in Bangalore to provide assessment & remedial support for children with learning difficulties. In 2001, a branch was set up in Chennai and a second centre was opened in Bangalore in 2013. The centre uses innovative teaching aids to enhance children’s literacy and numeracy skills and to make learning an enjoyable experience. The centre is staffed by a competent and empathetic team of psychologists who are trained to impart academic skills and nurture confidence in every child. At PRAYATNA®, we believe that every child is capable of learning.

The centre works with children who struggle to learn in mainstream classrooms. Even though we do not label children at PRAYATNA®, we cater to the needs of those who have difficulties typically associated with conditions like dyslexia, ADHD and mild forms of autism. Using attractive learning aids, children acquire the skills of reading, spelling, syntax, vocabulary and basic math. We also help children with issues of inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity regulate their behaviour by creating personalized behaviour modifications programs.


What Parents Have to Say

(Names have been withheld to provide confidentiality to the student and parents)

“My 5 year old son is attending classes in PRAYATNA® Bangalore center for the last 9 months. We had joined here last year as he was not willing to write or read.  We had a parent teacher meeting at my son's school a month back and received a lot of positive comments about my son's work and progress as he is grasping lessons faster compared to majority of the class.  The class teacher told that she is recommending PRAYATNA® to many other kids parents, seeing the great progress in my son.”

“PRAYATNA®, as the name suggests, means to try.  It has academically enhanced my child’s performance.  Along with this, the counselling program has actually helped me as well as my son to communicate better and also have a better understanding to solve the small hurdles we face. Sometimes, we as parents do not visualize the child’s perspective; the parent child sessions helped us relate to our child with better understanding.”

“We congratulate the PRAYATNA® Team for their intensive focus on our child that helped improve her creativity, conscientiousness, receptivity and quality of mingling with her friends without fear or shyness.”

“In a country like India where learning difficulties are not easily recognised nor accepted, let alone be remediated, it was a miracle that we found PRAYATNA®.  Our son started working with PRAYATNA® when he was 5+.  He successfully completed all levels that PRAYATNA® had to offer at 12.  In the seven years, the only consistent and rock solid support we had to help the boy was PRAYATNA®. The sensitivity, the guidance, the consistent effort....he is where he is today largely because of the PRAYATNA® team.  Behavioural management as well as support to parents has ensured a holistic approach to help bring out the best in the child and help him realise his potential.  Even today, though we no longer go to PRAYATNA® for remediation, we are in touch and have always received advice which has kept us on track.  As a family, we remain grateful to all that PRAYATNA® stands for and for all that we have received.  It's made me believe in miracles.”

What Students Have to Say

“… I have learnt a lot from the teachers in different ways and also improved a lot, most importantly become very independent.”

“…The teachers are really friendly and handle you very skilfully. No matter what problem, they are very approachable. They gently helped me without hurting me.  They set different activities for me which helped me overcome my problem. It was a “slow process” as I wasn’t very attentive and was very playful. They played along with me to keep my sprits going while all the time they were actually teaching me. I think I was a pain for them initially, but then I slowly became attentive.

At last my playfulness started to reduce and I became more serious. The level of the exercise also slowly increased, this helped me to keep pace with the level in my school.  My spellings have improved over time and are way better than what it was then.”

“I feel that PRAYATNA® has really helped me with my writing and spelling. Before PRAYATNA®, I found it very difficult to write essays independently but now I can write much more confidently and I don’t need to keep asking my parents for help. I also like the way that they teach certain lessons, for example when I learned word roots I didn’t just memorise the meanings and roots but instead I learned it through a context like a text or story.”

What Trainees Have to Say

“I underwent training at PRAYATNA®, Bangalore.  During training, I not only learnt the finer details of learning difficulties, but also the various methodologies used to address the learning difficulties of children as they vary from child to child.  Now I am conducting remedial classes for children with learning difficulties.  The teaching aids of PRAYATNA® are excellent and I use them in my remedial classes.  The passion and understanding of the founder and my trainer inspired me to be take up the task at once on completing my training.  Thanks PRAYATNA® for all that you gave me.”

“Overall all aspects of the course were informative, especially the various features of each type of learning disability.”

“Hands on usage of material and the practical training is wonderful”.

“The course has actually helped me understand my child better.”